Beauty Tai Orathai  


Tai Orathai (ต่า ย อรทัย), singer from Isaan, Ubon Ratchathani province, Thailand. Tai Orathai, whose real name Orathai Kapdam, born March 27, 1980. At the age of thirty he was a super star now luktung genre, and has also had the privilege of performing in various parts of the world during the last five years. His name is fragrant in the international world.

Luk Thung, which means rural children, a singing style popular in Isaan, Thailand and Laos border. The lyrics in the song luk tung-tinged story of the difficulties of daily life. Through the lips and throat Tai Orathai, luk-tuk-filled vibration becomes pengadem atmosphere. Tai can bring the songs with calm, accurate and sound quality are very melodious and solemn. Listeners like lulled by the strains of his voice that mendayu, though not at all the schools of the lyrics. No wonder that in November 2009 a concert was held for Tai to celebrate the successful sale of a million album Grammy Tai Orathai.

Tai Orathai first album titled 'Doc Yah Nai Pah Poon' (flower of the grass of the field, concrete) authored by Sala and Sawat Sarakham Khunawut specifically for him. In this album, he also sang the hit song 'Tho hah nae der' (please call me). Contents Tai song is simple, with simple sentences that are familiar in the ears of listeners, like the song 'Gin Kao Ler Yang' about a girl who has to eat a small economical because his salary was spent to buy credit to call his girlfriend, or "mica Ab Kitteung" about office -girl who loves her coworkers. Now Tai, who also had graduated from Ramkhamhaeng University to present to you in a variety of melodious songs and video songs.

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