Sexy Beauty Thai Araya Hargate  

Araya A. Hart socket (nickname apple) or a fact that Araya Alberta Heart Skating (UK: Araya Alberta Hargate) was born on June 28, 2524 as actor. Thailand. Secondary Education that Bodindecha. Higher education from the University of Liberal Arts, Rangsit University, UK. And on the psychology doctoral graduate of Chulalongkorn University.

To the industry since 2541 when the age of 17 years from the contest "Miss Motor Show, the same year needle - Rujira help lend subsequently been contacted by a writer Rumpa Bhirombhakdi regular TV video company provided. Test Page camera And tested it has signed a contract with the video star. The drama is the first song played on Channel 7 ghost opposite B - Switch wonderful diamond splendor Then there has always been works by the famous Annie chapter in the drama. Lam summer. She can sing include It also gets a chance to sing the drama of many matters. She also played musical traditions and dub curtain animation Over the Hedge as well as a host on the stage of competition. And key slot 7 and has a host list of drilling the world drug Hamoouamd including work with sex - honor Kijcharoen and Apple - Rooms Vaidya family cleared and a Host Talk Show Variety 7 carat pair with this, Hino - Eamdne Buranaruch splendor

End of the year 2551 moved to sign on as an actor under the Thai television station Channel 3 on Channel 7 after a 10-year drama with Channel 7 is the last star on contaminated soil.