Sexy Sonia Couling  

Born on the 18th of June 1974 in Bangkok, Thailand, Sonia Couling (Thai: ซอนย่า คูลลิ่ง) (also spelled Sonia Cooling, Sonya Couling or Sonya Cooling), nicknamed Pim, is Thailand’s foremost Supermodel and Cover girl. The UK magazine FHM chose her as number one sexiest woman in Thailand and second in Asia (1999), she also was in the 1999 FHM calendar. Sonia started her career as a model in 7 Up advertisement when she was 14. She has acted in many Thai TV shows, been a VJ for MTV Singapore (1998-2000), and starred in movies, Kon Puan Sai Fah (Destiny Upside Down) (1998) and Final Combat (2003).

She is Eurasian or Luk kreung, with an English father and a Thai mother. She was educated both in Thailand and England and is fluent in both Thai and English. She hosted the first Next Top Model search in Thailand in 2005. She's one beautiful Thai beauty, although there's not much information regarding her background and stuff. I can't explain it but even with a handful of photos in the gallery, I can't help but drool over her nicely sculpted body.

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